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“Twilight meets Outlander”

You think it’s safe to walk alone at night. It’s not. You think the only threat is other humans. It’s not. Monsters are real. Demons are real. Vampires are real.

And I’m about to become one of them.

My name is Arianna Spero. I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until my mother lapsed into a coma. Now I am her only hope. She made a deal with the devil, and on my 18th birthday he came to collect.

But there’s a way to save her.

There’s something the princes of hell want more than my mother.


So I signed my soul away and promised to pick a prince to marry. I would take the blood oath, become one of them, and give them an heir. I would become a princess of hell, and my mother would live. I expected fire and brimstone. I expected pain and misery. I didn’t expect beauty. I didn’t expect magic.

I didn’t expect love.

But the princes are keeping secrets from me. Secrets that could shatter everything.

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“You were never one of us.”

Asher’s eyes drift to the sky above us, a sky full of stars. “Sometimes… Sometimes I just wish for home.”

“Your realm?”

“No.” He shakes his head. “Home. My true home. Where my brothers and I played in the Silver Gardens. Where my mom sang me songs of the angels.”

I close my eyes, picturing his words in my mind. “Tell me about your home. The house you lived in.”

“It’s… it’s hard to remember.” He chuckles, but it’s not a happy sound. “Gifted with immortality, but no great memory. There are only flashes left. Only dust I try to grab in the wind. I remember… I remember a palace of white and gold. I remember spires that glow like the sun. I…” he grows teary, then swipes at his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

I squeeze his hand. “We all miss home.”

He smiles. “Thank you. For helping me remember.”

“Asher, let me go home.”

He looks at me deeply, a great sorrow lurking in his eyes. “Sometimes, we can never go back.”

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The Silver Flame is born on…


“Dum spiro spero” – “While I breathe I hope”

-Arianna Spero